Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fa Sho!

What does Fa Sho! mean?  Well if you consult google or the Urban Dictionary you might find that it means
"For Sure!" In this case it means to use Sho with F#. After watching the cool demo some time ago I started playing around with Sho from time to time. I've come to realize that Sho does an awful lot of useful and interesting things. It's almost like FSChart on steroids. Recently I bought Visualize This and decided to give some of the samples a go using F# and Sho, err Fa Sho! :-)

But before I could get to the samples I had to get my feet wet with the library. Fortunately, F# is amazing at letting me do that so I ported the C# sample code to a much shorter version illustrated below.

#I @"C:\Program Files (x86)\Sho 2.0 for .NET 4\bin"
#r "ShoArray.dll"
#r "ShoViz.dll"
#r "MathFunc.dll"
#r "MatrixInterf.dll"

open ShoNS.Array
open ShoNS.MathFunc
open ShoNS.Visualization

let x = ArrayRandom.RandomDoubleArray(10,10) 
in x * x.T

let figure = ShoPlotHelper.Figure() in figure.Bar(x)

Which produces the following output.

If you were to look at the sample C# code provided in the download and compared it with this
then you'd definitely be able to see why F# is supreme (IMO). :-)

Until next time...

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