Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Introducing the last expression

As you can probably tell from the title of this blog my posts here will only be about things related to Functional Programming. Since I was introduced to the concept three and a half years ago it has completely changed my life as programmer. So much in fact that I have left a completely comfortable job in OOP (C#) building bleeding edge WPF/Silverlight software for this new found way of developing software.
That's right, I left the client side and I'm now developing for the server side. Most of my work these days involve functional / computational thinking for designing server side components that are blazing fast.
I'm also still developing some client side stuff using ASP.NET MVC and a couple of really great frameworks to go along with it. One of them being my favorite right now which is twitter bootstrap. It's really great at helping me reach a clean and modern look for the F# web apps that I'm building. More to come on that.
Overall you can expect to see all kinds of functional programming code that I play around with or use in my daily work to solve real world problems. So expect to see lots of F# (of course) some Erlang, Ocaml,
Python, and I finally downloaded GHC so expect to see some really basic Haskell. These are all great languages to help me foster my ideas into something tangible that I can turn around and use in a real world system.

In case you were wondering about the name of this blog and where it came from... its something that has
always made me feel warm and fuzzy inside ever since I first realized that the last expression in a function is automatically returned in most functional languages including the one I was using to learn FP. I was over joyed to discover this little nugget for the first time and... I really hated writing return in C#. :-)

Until next time....
-Develop with passion   

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